I came to sailing quite late in life but discovered it’s one of those activities which has an infinite amount to learn and combines self-sufficiency, meditation, pragmatism, practicality and so many many different skills its interest is limitless. It is also something which has high therapeutic value for clients. 

Here is an interesting article in the Telegraph about how sailing can be so helpful for mental health  “How sailing is helping people overcome mental health crises” and the charity SaildayOK “SailadayOK – Life Changing Therapy At Sea” who also use Sailing to help with mental health problems.

Computing and Electronics

From a young age, I have always found computing and electronics fascinating. I regret having been born when I was and am so jealous of the opportunities younger people have today to play with items that were beyond even NASA’s reach in my childhood. For example, my latest projects are with this little matchbox sized device on the right here, which runs a full Unix operating system and can be reached wirelessly to control any number of devices and costs less than £10. Amazing! 🙂