Genograms are like a family tree that describe the relationships between family members and, in our use, also the problems that each of them has suffered. By seeing all these relationships it is possible to see where some problems have originated and also the resources that a family has to recover and thrive


Below is a key to designing Genograms and below that an example to help you design yours.

Johnson Intervention

making a non-judgemental appeal to treatment

list specific examples of someone’s behaviour in addiction that have affected you in a non-judgmental way
have a consequence you are prepared to follow through with

Arise intervention

1 First Call
2 Strength in numbers
3 Formal Arise Intervention – start and end with most powerful messages and zigzag across the room. less than 2% go this far
4 Continuing Care


Family recovery message, taking the family strength instead of talking about illness
CRAFT, increase communication with the family and use positive reinforcement


Vernon Johnson was a priest who got into recovery from Alcoholism and developed a system to confront other addicts to help them get into recovery sooner than if they were left to the own devices. This book explains his model and how to effect an intervention.


Love first is an excellent book explaining how families can organise an intervention to help their loved one accept help for their addiction problems


Beyond addiction is an explanation of how families can help loved ones with addiction problems accept they need help using the principles of the Community Reinforcement Approach


Intervention is an American series following people with addiction problems and their families efforts to get them to accept help. It has run now for many series and gives and excellent insight into how to effect interventions

The Confrontation was a documentary about Johnson model interventions. In this segment, the family rehearse letters they have written to their loved one to express their concern

If you are involved in enough interventions, eventually you will experience some pretty difficult moments. In the comedy series “The Sopranos” they staged an intervention which was brilliantly observed. Please be warned this scene contains violence and bad language and is comedy about a subject that is clearly painful to a lot of us so please don’t watch it if you might be offended by any of this.